Grieving and Veterans Day

Posted: Nov 15 2017

National holidays and remembrances can lead to grief and sadness resurfacing, and with Veteran's Day coming up, we wanted to share some ways you can support loved ones or yourself. Veteran's Day is a holiday intended to honor veterans, to thank them for their service (and sacrifice). Memorial Day is intended to remember those who we have lost.

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This holiday isn't the only day to reach out to veterans and families of veterans, however. Here are some ways you can cope with loss and grief on Veteran's Day or support others who have lost loved ones on this day and throughout the year.

Attend a Ceremony

Many cities throughout the United States hold ceremonies and celebrations for veterans, and there are cemeteries (veterans' and otherwise) that hold memorials. Check the local calendar in your area to see what types of events are available, and to determine what suits the tone you need. If you notice that somebody you love is struggling, invite them to come along, or spend the day with them if that's what they need. Sometimes, spending time with others going through the same things can really help.

Understand That People Grieve Differently

People dealing with sadness will show their emotions in different ways (or perhaps not at all). Where some will grieve openly, others will carry on as usual with no indication that they're feeling any differently. No matter how somebody experiences loss, their expression is neither right nor wrong. Some prefer to talk through their emotions where others would prefer to keep it locked tight.

Use Good Self-Care Practices

If you are the one who is dealing with loss and grief, as hard as it might feel some days, self-care is still important. Make sure to get enough sleep and to eat well. These two things are critical to healing physically and emotionally. Sometimes, exercise can help with stress and sadness, even if it's a walk around the neighborhood. Your health is a very important element in the healing process.

Get Help if You Need It

Sometimes, you might not feel as if anybody understands what you're feeling, or as if things are hopeless. Getting professional help might be in order in this case. Additionally, if you're the loved one of a person dealing with sadness, you can initiate the conversation to discuss getting professional help. And you might consider going yourself if he or she isn't willing to go.


In addition to Willowgreen's videos and books on coping with death and grief, there are other resources that can help.

The Veterans Crisis Line:

My Health eVet:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

If you or somebody you love are dealing with sadness surrounding Veteran's Day, Willowgreen has a number of resources dedicated to caregiving, death, and grieving. Shop our collection today.

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