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Caregiving Collection I

You’ll receive This Time of Caregiving as both a DVD richly-illustrated with nature photography and as a small book which contains the same basic ideas in written form. This resource is designed especially for use by family caregivers who may be new to their role, wondering how they will do all they need to do. Also included is the popular double book When You’re the Caregiver / When You’ll Ill or Incapacitated which can be used by caregiver and care receiver alike. The Gift of Healing Presence explains how to be with your loved one in a quiet, comforting way that both empowers them and frees you. The Art of Listening in a Healing Way addresses the importance and the methods of listening carefully to the one in your care. The Caregiver’s Book is a beautiful gift book with full-color photography, wise quotations, and practical suggestions throughout.Purchase this collection of one DVD and five paperbacks and you’ll save almost $15 from the total list price.

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