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Caregiving Collection II

This collection includes two of our most popular DVDs for caregivers, complete with full professional rights for use with groups of all sizes.

   * The Grit and Grace of Being a Caregiver was James E. Miller’s first video created for both professional and family caregivers; it is used today by thousands of hospitals, hospices, congregations, and organizations.

   * A more recent Willowgreen video, This Time of Caregiving, designed with family caregivers in mind, especially those who might be new to their role. Both videos are a blend of information and inspiration, incorporating Jim’s voice and photography in a highly creative manner. These can be viewed in their entirety or one section at a time, allowing adequate time for group discussion.

   * The small book This Time of Caregiving, containing the script of the video of the same title along with many meaningful quotations, is included as well.

   * You’ll also receive the bestselling and widely acclaimed book The Art of Being a Healing Presence and its companion book which accentuates the importance of listening in the caregiving environment: The Art of Listening in a Healing Way.

   * The Gift of Healing Presence, a small gift book created for family caregivers, rounds out this collection. You’ll save almost $17 when purchasing all six resources together. You can purchase any of the books in quantity at additional discounts.

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