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Grief Collection I

This collection of resources for personal use includes some of James E. Miller’s most popular titles. Of all his work related to grieving, the book When Mourning Dawns and the DVD of the same title present his concept of the seasons of grief in the greatest detail. They both include wise quotations from the ages and suggestions for dealing with each aspect of grief. The DVD is built around a rich array of photography from nature, accompanied by lovely music. In six easy-to-read chapters, the small book One You Love Has Died covers the basics of what to expect, especially early in grief. The double book What Will Help Me? / How Can I Help? has been assisting the bereaved and those who want to help the bereaved for over a decade. Another popular double book addresses the uniqueness of the masculine style of grief: When A Man Faces Grief / A Man You Know Is Grieving. A more spiritual, full-color resource is A Pilgrimage Through Grief which leads the reader to understand the nature of grief by visiting four significant experiences that grief often entails. You’ll save almost $14 by purchasing these six resources as an entire collection.




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