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Grief Collection II

This collection of Willowgreen’s grief resources offers a support group leader all that is needed to design and facilitate a new support group or expand an existing group. It features the popular DVD When Mourning Dawns with full public performance rights to use as often as you wish. This resource is creatively designed to be used in small sections, one group session at a time, or in its entirety. A copy of the book of the same title is included, as well as a facilitator’s guide in the form of a 3-ring binder, complete with reproducible handouts and many session-by-session suggestions. Copies of four of the more popular Willowgreen grief-related books are also included: One You Love Has Died, What Will Help Me? / How Can I Help?, When A Man Faces Grief / A Man You Know Is Grieving, and How Will I Get Through the Holidays?. A slightly different way of addressing the time of grief is contained in Jim’s beautiful full-color book Change & Possibility. Also included is The Rewarding Practice of Journal Writing. Any of these books can also be ordered with quantity discounts for your support group members. You’ll save almost $17 when purchasing all ten resources as a collection. 


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