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Spirituality Collection I

A book and four DVDs make up this collection of Willowgreen inspirational resources. The small book My Shepherd Is the Lord is the print version of the included DVD of the same title. They each bring the 23rd Psalm to life in a way that helps uncover the present-day meaning of these revered words. The DVD includes photography of stained glass windows, ancient texts, and beautiful scenes from nature. The DVD All Shall Be Well is built around memorable, uplifting quotations designed to instill a hopeful outlook. The DVD My Times Are in Thy Hand is composed of comforting excerpts from a selection of The Psalms, divided into eight assuring categories. The DVD You Shall Not Be Overcome is a series of ten separate meditations for those who are concerned about what their future holds. Each DVD utilizes striking photography from nature, soothing music, and James E. Miller’s voice. Each can be viewed in sections or in its entirety. You save almost $20 when you purchase the entire collection.

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