• Helpful resource on dealing with grief stages as if it were seasons.

Winter Grief, Summer Grace: Returning to Life After a Loved One Dies - The Book

James E. Miller has written this book for those who are in the passage of grief. It is a beautifully illustrated edition replete with poetry, reflection, and color photography of nature scenes by the author that communicate peace and quiet assurance.There are also suggestions after each chapter for ways to help you with your grief. 

The book's core message is that grief is both natural and necessary and, in your grieving, you are not alone. There is Someone who walks with you through your grief—to comfort, sustain, and strengthen you. Grieve and you will feel better in time. Mourn and you will heal.

The right way to grieve is your way. No one else grieves the same nor can anyone tell you how you should grieve. It is entirely personal. So many emotions and feelings will arise. Whatever your feelings, you will need to feel them and not deny them in order to go all the way through your grief.

The messages from the seasons of your grief will allow you to see the journey you are taking in a natural light. As Vittorio Alfieri said, "Often the test of courage is not to die but to live."

64-page paperback, 8” x 8”

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