• Video Meditations DVD MP4 - Willowgreen
  • Video Meditations DVD MP4 - Willowgreen

All Seasons Shall Be Sweet: Music and Images to Nurture the Soul—The Video


Four lines from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge begin this presentation by appearing in silence, including the classic words “all seasons shall be sweet.” Then the music, composed by John Gillespie and Mark Turney starts, taking the viewer through the seasons of the year without a single word of spoken narration. The music, in the form of four movements, is the message itself, and a powerful, comforting message it is. The photography by James E. Miller captures the essence of four different seasons in an intriguing, authenticating manner. A flute, clarinet and English horn carry the meaning to the very end, leaving the viewer in a positive, hopeful, and relaxed frame of mind. Available both as a DVD to be shipped and as an MP4 to be immediately downloaded. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.

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