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The Grit and Grace of Being a Caregiver: Maintaining Your Balance as You Care for Others—The Video


This best-selling video by James E. Miller is full of wisdom and inspiration for professional and lay caregivers alike. After personally introducing the topic, Jim proposes seven guidelines to help define one’s role and one’s tasks when caring for another. Examples include, “The healthiest way to care for another is to care for yourself,” and “To be close you must establish boundaries.” Photography from nature allows viewers to make their own associations with the principles being discussed as they consider their own lives. This video concludes with a moving affirmation of caregiving’s rewarding possibilities, illustrated by photography of a wide assortment of caregivers’ hands. It can be viewed in its entirety or section by section. Ideal for use with individuals and families, with caregiver support groups, and in workshops related to caregiving. Various hospitals have used this resource with their entire staffs. This is the video version of The Caregiver's Book. It's 36 minutes long and in eight parts. Available both as a DVD to be shipped and as an MP4 to be immediately downloaded. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.





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