• The Art of Listening in a Healing Way—The Video

The Art of Listening in a Healing Way—The Video

This is the video version of the book of the same title, which is the companion to the best-selling book, The Art of Being a Healing Presence. Recognizing that being a good listener is a crucial component of being an effective healing presence, James E. Miller first lays out his understanding of what healing listening involves and how it differs from other kinds of listening. There follows a series of underlying principles, grouped in four categories: before you start, as you begin, as you proceed, and when you conclude your listening. Photography of flowers in nature illustrates all the ideas. This widely-acclaimed video may be viewed in its entirety, or in sections to encourage group discussion. It's 46 minutes long in five sections. Available both as a DVD to be shipped and as an MP4 to be immediately downloaded. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.



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