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Autumn Wisdom: Finding Meaning in Life's Later Years - The Book


In James E. Miller's sensitive and insightful exploration of what it means to approach one's later years with openness and trust, his beautiful full-color nature photography and meaningful quotations enhance the experience from beginning to end. Thoughtful, tested suggestions at the close of each chapter assist the reader in finding purpose and renewal in life in this meditative text.

The author explains that, as the physical part of us begins to show signs of decline, the spiritual part of us can continue to grow, making life richer and fuller. "Freed from what you felt you had to do earlier in life, you can proceed to do what you believe you're now meant to do, to be who you're meant to be."

Chapter titles include, “In the fading light, you can see better than ever.” “As you learn to let go, you will gain.” “In your smallness you will find your greatness.”

The video version of this book is Gaining a Heart of Wisdom: Finding Meaning in the Autumn of Your Life.

As an 80-page deluxe paperback, it measures 6” x 6 3/4”. Quantity discounts are available by calling Willowgreen.

As an audiobook, it's 59 minutes in length, containing all the words from the second edition of the printed book.

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