• Soothing words from many people and traditions with gentle music.

Video Comforts: Healing Consolations: An Inspiration in Photography, Thought, and Music

We created four 15-minute themed programs designed to offer quiet support during a time of loss. Each is a Blu-ray video with calming piano music, carefully selected nature photography, and quotations from the ages appropriate for that video’s theme. The quotations slowly dissolve in and out with the music, without narration. Hospices, hospitals, congregations and particularly funeral homes have found these beautiful programs to be an essential source of enrichment. 

In Healing Consolations comforting words of 17 people and traditions are paired with quiet music and delightful images from the created world. The effect is soothing from beginning to end. Among the quotations are “For life and earth are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” (Kahlil Gibran,) and “He did not say, ‘You will not have a rough passage, you will not be over-strained, you will not feel uncomfortable,’ but he did say, ‘You will not be overcome.’” (Julian of Norwich).

It's 15 minutes long in high-definition video on Blu-ray disc or as an MP4 with lifetime public performance rights. The MP4 is downloadable immediately. Shipping charge is included in the DVD price in the U.S. only. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.




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