• Beautiful photography shows how humans go through transitions.
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Nothing Is Permanent Except Change: Learning to Manage Transition in Your Life—The Video

This best-selling video introduces the concept that all human transitions naturally go through a three-phase process.  Any ending in a person’s life is the beginning phase of transition—the ending of a job, a relationship, a state of health. The second phase is an interim phase when it often feels like not much is happening, but change is taking place—it just tends to be quiet. The ending phase of the transition process is always a new beginning of some sort, marked by new energy and renewed hope. Evocative photography of autumn, winter and spring illustrate the basic principles throughout. Specific suggestions are included for negotiating one’s way through each phase of human transition. It's 33 minutes long in five parts. Available both as a DVD to be shipped and as an MP4 to be immediately downloaded. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.


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