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A Pilgrimage Through Grief: Healing the Soul's Hurt After Loss - The Book


In its second edition, James E. Miller's updated A Pilgrimage Through Grief continues to be one of his most popular books. Readers have always enjoyed the blend of poetic writing, timeless quotations, and full-color photography from nature by the author combined with the concept of using a time of loss as a spiritual pilgrimage.

"Life-changing events affect every part of us: our mind, our heart, our body, our soul," the author writes. But this book focuses on the soul and the act of taking a journey ― joining a long tradition of a pilgrimage.

Beginning the journey by immersing oneself in absence we can discover that there is a miraculous complexity and a wonderful harmony. In our aloneness we can begin to know ourselves in a way we have never quite known ourselves before and in doing so we learn to know others better. Our silence will show a presence all its own with a richness and a wholeness that brims with meaning. And it is a time to explore the mysteries of life and "it is our honor to seize the marvel of this life, this day, this moment."

The author gently leads us on the pilgrimage from grief to growth, from hurt to healing. There is a Presence that accompanies us in our absence, connections that await us in our aloneness, a Voice that we hear only in silence, and wisdom and wonder that lie hidden in mystery.           

96-page deluxe paperback is 5 3/8” x 6”. Quantity discounts available.

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