• Spanish version of "One You Love Has Died" for the newly bereaved.

Un Ser Amado Ha Fallecido: La Aflicción Como Camino Hacia Su Restablecimiento (One You Love Has Died in Spanish) - The Book

This is the Spanish translation of The One You Love Has Died. Written especially for the newly bereaved, James E. Miller's book explains in an easy-to-read manner what may take place during the course of grief. Six short chapters offer encouraging, confirming advice and validation. For example: "You'll grieve in your own unique way, and a general pattern will emerge as you do so." Carefully-chosen, hopeful quotations are included throughout.

This book is widely endorsed by hospices, congregations, funeral homes, hospitals and counselors. 

The 32-page paperback measures 5½” x 8½”. Quantity discounts available. Call 260.490.2222 for details.

The eBook is provided as both an .epub file (for the Nook, the Kobo eReader, and others) and a .mobi file (for the Kindle and others).


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