• Video Meditations DVD MP4 - Willowgreen
  • Video Meditations DVD MP4 - Willowgreen

By the Waters of Babylon: A Spiritual Pilgrimage for Those Who Feel Dislocated—The Video


This video is for those who are experiencing a sense of loss or estrangement, wondering how they can find meaning and hope again. With his words, his voice, and his photography, James E. Miller takes the viewer on a spiritually beautiful pilgrimage. He leads not to places on earth but to places within the soul. Visits are made to absence, aloneness, silence and mystery. Exploring each of those experiences, the viewer will discover that something else can await in each case.  This presentation is a companion to Jim’s book, A Pilgrimage Through Grief. Ideal for group discussions as well as individual use. It's 46 minutes long and is made up of six parts. Available both as a DVD to be shipped and as an MP4 to be immediately downloaded. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.

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