• Learn to be present in a way that is healing and nurturing.

The Art of Being a Healing Presence: A Guide for Those in Caring Relationships


James E. Miller shows you how to make a difference in the lives of others by being present in a way that is healing, nurturing, and potentially even transforming. Seven steps to becoming a healing presence are explained in detail, with concrete suggestions at every turn. This book is full of essential, practical information, applicable to professionals, volunteers, and family members alike.

Being a healing presence to others can become an integral part of your own spiritual development. As you make yourself more available to others, you become more available to yourself, and more authentically yourself. Learning how to relate to others in this gentle, non-judgmental, and respectful way can lead to changes all around you.

Included are pages of interesting quotations from the ages, line drawings, and many practical suggestions useful for both professional and lay caregivers.

This has become one of Willowgreen's most popular books.

The 80-page paperback is 5½” x 8½”. Quantity discounts are available. Call (260) 490-2222 for details.

The audiobook is two hours long and is read by the author.

The eBook is provided as both an .epub file (for the Nook, the Kobo eReader, and others) and a .mobi file (for the Kindle and others).

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