• Caregivers learn how to be a healing presence to their loved one.

The Gift of Healing Presence: Encouraging Thoughts for Busy Caregivers


Learn the basics of what it means to be a healing presence when serving as a caregiver to others. Designed for both overworked professionals and overextended family members, this book presents ten basic thoughts in an easy-to-read, encouraging manner. Author James E. Miller's full-color photography from nature and pages of related quotations add interest throughout.

Although healing presence does not require extra time on your part, it does require that you trust your individuality, your humanness, and your intuition as you go about your caregiving. There is no perfect formula for what you do and how you do it. There is a healing wisdom that rests inside every person. And you can trust that your presence and this process are enough. You will almost certainly find that you will receive as much as you give in many ways.

The 32-page full-color paperback is 5½” x 8½”. Quantity discounts are available.

The audiobook is 31 minutes long. It's read by the author.

The eBook is provided as both .epub and .mobi files.


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