• 12 specific actions can help the dying process for the terminally ill.

When You Know You're Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You Through the Days Ahead


James E. Miller has created twelve basic, helpful guidelines to assist those who know their time on earth is limited. This honest, affirming book leads the one who's dying to understand the importance of meeting the needs of their whole person—body, mind, heart and soul. The tone is supportive throughout, empowering the dying person to live fully until they die.

It's wise to make your needs and wants known as others may not know what these are. This will also help them understand how they can help you. Embrace that which promotes your well-being and growth. Remember, you are in charge of your own life, now more than ever before.

Chapter titles include: "Assert you right to make your own decisions." "Decide what you yet want to do, then do it." "Dare to hope."

This is the companion book to One You Love is Dying: 12 Thoughts to Guide You on the Journey.

This 64-page paperback measures 5½” x 8½”. Quantity discounts are available. Call 260-490-2222 for details.

The eBook is provided as both an .epub file (for the Nook, the Kobo eReader, and others) and a .mobi file (for the Kindle and others). 


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