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Grief's Healing Journey newsletter—The Print Version


This timely newsletter provides ongoing, personal support to the bereaved. Willowgreen offers the convenience of subscriptions to Grief's Healing Journey, a six-issue newsletter with information, encouragement, and advice specific to the first 13 months of the grief journey. (A special holiday issue is also available.) Particularly appropriate for hospices and funeral homes, this colorful and beautifully written resource will arrive at mourners' homes in print form or by email on the 30th day, 90th day, 180th day, 270th day, 360th day (just before the one-year anniversary), and 400th day (a month after the anniversary) following the death. Each newsletter can easily be personalized by you with your logo, local information, and any other message you wish to convey. Better still, you can choose between a print version and a digital version for each person. Both versions include access to additional free video, audio, and e-article resources by James E. Miller. You can choose to receive 10 or more of any issue and you can select the issues that you prefer—you do not have to use all six. For more information, visit www.willowgreen.com/journeyIf you're interested in having your organization or business use this resource on a regular basis, we're happy to send you a sample pack of all seven newsletters. And be sure to ask about our generous discount on all first-time orders.




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