• 12 short videos with answers to the basic questions about grief.
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The Healing Promise of Grief: Comforting Help in Your Time of Loss—The DVD

What feelings commonly accompany grief? How does the process ordinarily proceed? Is it wise to turn to others as you grieve? If so, to whom? What are the secondary issues of grief and how do they influence your process? Is it appropriate to attempt to maintain a tie with the one who has died? Are there any positive possibilities that can come through the grieving process? If so, what are they? These and many other questions about ordinary grief are answered in a series of twelve short videos, written, narrated and photographed by James E. Miller. You'll come away from this experience informed, encouraged, and even enlightened. This DVD is actually a series of twelve short videos. It's ideally suited for individual and family use, but also with larger gatherings, including workshops and grief support groups. 36 minutes in 12 parts. Out of the country orders must be placed by phone.

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