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A Helper's Guide to Grief: The Presenter's Kit

Now you can present the basics of grief without starting from scratch, using James E. Miller’s PowerPoint slides, complete with his photography. Read his background notes and references on the nature and process of grief, plus how to help the grieving.

Section I chapters include, "Preparing for Your Audience as Adult Learners," "Designing Presentations and Workshops," "Overseeing Setup of the Room," "Overseeing Details the Day of Your Event," "Becoming an Effective Presenter," and "Using PowerPoint Files."

Section II includes all the presenters' notes in five areas: "The World of Loss," "The World of Mourning," "5 Key Points About Grief," "Models for How Grief Works," and "Accompanying Those Who Are Grieving."

An extensive annotated bibliography is included.

Includes: Books: When Mourning Dawns, What Will Help Me?/How Can I Help?, How Will I Get Through the Holidays?, One You Love Has Died, A Pilgrimage Through Grief, The Art of Being a Healing Presence, The Art of Listening in a Healing Way, Finding Hope, Helping the Bereaved Celebrate the Holidays.

Audiovisuals: Grief Has Its Seasons DVD (16 minutes), Grief: Images & Intimations DVD (13 minutes), You Can Be An Even Better Caregiver DVD (4 minutes), The Wisdom of Caregiving screensaver. All DVDs include professional rights.

Other: Presenter’s Kit Data CD, 11" x 11" ring binder.




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